Available on the Mac App Store!

Mac App StoreTiltShift is once again available on the Mac App Store. It is an app for computer generated tilt-shift photography. It allows you to create fake miniature versions of regular photos, simulating the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses.

You can define an arbitrary position for the virtual focal plane and setup its properties using an intuitive visual interface. Additional controls for saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness and vignette let you create amazing fake miniatures.

TiltShift will be back soon

You may have wondered what happened to TiltShift and TiltShift Lite.

Stefan Hafeneger, the original creator of TiltShift had to give up the apps. As we’ve known each other for a while, we agreed that I would watch over them, make sure they work and even evolve them as time permits.

We were planning to make the transition as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately we had to learn after months of trying — mostly waiting actually — that it is still impossible to transfer apps on the Mac App Store from one developer to another one.

The only viable option was for Stefan to remove the apps from sale. I took the source code and resubmitted new apps under my own account. After Stefan went ahead and completely deleted the products in his account I was also able to re-acquire the original names, TiltShift and TiltShift Lite.

TiltShift has already been approved by Apple, TiltShift Lite will hopefully follow any day now. Watch this space to learn when both will be available.