TiltShift for Apple employees

Apple employees are welcome to request a free license for TiltShift. Please also feel free to share your comments, ideas and feedback in the message field, so the app can be further improved!

TiltShift Aperture Plug-in (lack thereof)

As explained in a FAQ entry the Aperture Edit Plug-in has been discontinued a long time ago. TiltShift is now a standalone app only.

TiltShift App

Please use the form below (with your apple.com email address) to request a complementary Mac App Store promo code for TiltShift. Would also love to hear why you are asking for a promo code.

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You will receive the promo code via email sent from contact@tiltshiftapp.com. Please make sure you can receive this message and it does not end up in your Junk folder. You can make sure by importing the Munich Appsters/TiltShift vCard into your contacts: The Munich Appsters.vcf