FAQs / Why am I not getting the latest updates?

The original author of the TiltShift Aperture Plug-In, the standalone apps TiltShift and TiltShift Lite had to give up the products. By that time Apple did not enable us to transfer the existing products into a different account.

Version 1.2 and later are technically new products as far as the Mac App Store is concerned. There’s no way for us to inform you about that new version or give you a free upgrade, as there is no mechanism on the Mac App Store to contact customers.

However, our goal is to make you a happy user, so if you feel that paying for the product again is unfair, please contact us. You might want to take into consideration that you already used the product for quite some time and purchasing it again may not be that expensive and also not the worst way to spend money. Developing software costs a lot of effort. We will strive to maintain and improve the apps in the future.